Head of Christ by Warner Sallman - 1940


Warner Sallman painted over 500 works of art. It is important that these and other related items including stories, correspondence and memorabilia be collected and preserved. His art can be found and enjoyed in schools, offices, churches and homes, yet some may be lost or misplaced. Our goal is to collect art which is not displayed and does not have a permanent home.


Some of the current collection of Warner Sallman art is housed in the Archives of the Brandel Library on the Campus of North Park University in Chicago along with the collections of The Evangelical Covenant Church, North Park University, and the Swedish American Historical Society. The facility, with a full time archivist, has reference rooms and a display area open for viewing and is a state-of-the art climate controlled environment.


It is our purpose to tell the Warner Sallman story and display his popular images
and their stories. Lecture presentations are given at various venues around the United States. The artwork is laden with profound spiritual and devotional value
and impact, and many people have been blessed and nurtured by it.

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